Create Short Videos From Text And Images With the Help of AI

Download (Beta)


Create Captivating Videos

Turn text and images into short-form vertical video with a few taps

Give Voice to Your Text

Your text is read out loud by a bot so you don't have to record yourself speaking

Artificial Intelligence

Optionally use AI to generate text for your slides

Built-In Stock Photos

Use your own photos or use our stock photo search tool to find the right image to go with your text

Elevate Your Commentary

Elevate your commentary with video

Broaden Your Reach

Turn your text into videos that can be posted on additional platforms like TikTok, Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts, and others

Post Great Content Faster

Instead of having to rehearse and record your commentary or presentations multiple times, just type it up once

Share Links

Easily share videos via links that show up as playable videos in iMessage instead of sending large video files